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Making Your Store Stand Out

Brand image is everything. By choosing Select & Save your store will have a bright, modern appeal that will translate into increased customer loyalty, sales and profit.

Appealing Exterior

The Select & Save image is second to none, with its striking exterior graphics that are bright, clear, fresh and attractive, creating a strong brand identity. A distinctive colour scheme, co-ordinated window graphics and a clear trading message ensure that your store will stand out from the rest by day or night, creating a warm and inviting environment.

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In-Store Presentation

The internal store image is consistent with the exterior. The frieze band throughout the store is neutral, clean and long lasting and brings a fresh look to any store. Staff uniforms and carrier bags instil the brand image further. Whilst retaining your independence, your store will benefit from a distinctive, nationally recognised identity to rival that of the multiple operators.

High Standard

We operate a store standards policy to assist our members in maintaining a high level of store presentation. High standards displayed throughout the group ensure that your investment is protected by optimising customer and supplier support. The combination of the Select & Save concepts, the creativity of the design and the practical durability of manufacture ensures that your store will have a lasting professional image.

We are also committed to keeping up-to-date with new developments in retailing, to ensure that you remain competitive. This includes moving towards 24 hour opening.