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Optimising Your Retail Space

From day one, Select & Save will be looking at how best to improve the performance of your store. We recognise that any work undertaken by our members has to be effective and are always mindful that our members also have budgets to adhere to. Select & Save are now delighted to be able to offer a development service to our members whereby we guarantee to be up to 30% cheaper than any shopfitter.

Layout Design

A full store development package is available for our members, from re-merchandising through to a full store refurbishment. Using the latest computer-aided design techniques store layouts can be planned down to the tiniest detail. With over 30 years of retail expertise, our Development Manger will consider all aspects of your store, such as customer flow, space allocation and security.


Select & Save have developed some superb in-store concepts which are designed to be practical, productive and affordable. They are designed to complement the whole Select & Save brand package, and to create an enticing environment for your customers that will make your store stand out from those of your competitors.

Store Surveys

In many cases, especially where a new store is to be acquired, we are able to offer a store survey to our members. This provides crucial management information that will help you with decision making.

Using demographic information specific to your trading area, surveying techniques can help to identify sales and profit opportunities, facilitate more accurate space allocation and even forecast the potential sales of the surveyed store. Often this survey can help you in obtaining funding from the bank.