The Trading Message of Britain’s Brightest Symbol Group

The message is simple: with wide ranges of branded and own label products, together with competitive pricing, we are able to offer your customers greater choice and bigger savings than most other convenience stores. When a retailer listens and actions the experienced advice we give, we guarantee to increase sales.

In fact, Select & Save have created a niche in the market – we call it ‘convenience-based supermarketing’. We believe we can compete with the multiple supermarket operators in certain areas; areas that will significantly win your customers over. We do not believe, as others would want you to, that independent retailers operate in a different marketplace to the multiples. Once you accept this you are ready to compete and take your business to the next level.

By Retailers, For Retailers

Through the experience of our directors, here at Select & Save we have a very strong belief that our business should be managed and run as an organisation by retailers, for retailers. Here at Select & Save we consider ourselves as one big family and as such provide service and advice for our members over and above the call of duty. Select & Save is a truly retail focused group, operated by independent retailers who understand what you expect and aspire to as part of a symbol group.

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Mission Statement

‘Your business is our business, which is why we are committed to building an ever stronger brand to support the development of our member stores. By supplying our customers with the best possible services and goods at the best possible prices we aim to maximise the sales and profit performance of their businesses. We are committed to remaining retailer driven because we believe that by working together we can grow together.’

The Beginning of Select & Save

Select & Save began in the 1980s as a franchise for independent retailers who were looking to negotiate a single supplier and distributor for stock, and who were interested in working under a single unified fascia. This was realised as part of the Booker Group, specifically Booker Wholesale Foods. It was at this point that both Kam and Steve joined Select & Save.

In January 1999 Kam saw an opportunity and raised the possibility of retailers buying the Select & Save package from Booker. After deciding to pursue this avenue, Kam and Steve started to sound out interest levels with retailers; over 80% had expressed their interest by February 1999.

The Journey

After Booker announced financial difficulties, Palmer & Harvey McLane then bought the Mace share from Booker, along with stock, computer equipment and the Select & Save brand name.

It was at this point that Kam and Steve purchased the brand from Palmer & Harvey McLane. After researching the market for a suitable supplier they selected Nisa-Today’s as the best company for Select & Save’s distribution needs. Then began a period of restructuring the business and setting up the required services for the Select & Save members.

Select & Save Today

Select & Save have a very strong belief that the group should be managed and run as an organisation by retailers, for retailers. This is a strongly held principle that Kam and Steve hold dear, and is evident in the time they both give to visiting retailers on a regular basis and imparting their enthusiastic vision of how a retail store should be run. Their advice is drawn from their own extensive experience – not something a lot of retail symbol groups can boast.

Working in partnership Kam and Steve have rebuilt the Select & Save business into the successful business it is today.