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The people who can really tell you what it is like to be a Select & Save member, are members themselves.
Taking the step to join Select & Save is one of the most important business decisions you will make, so it is important that you know how we are already helping existing Members to thrive. Below, you can read about how seven retailers who made the decision to join the Group have been able to develop their businesses, win more customers and grow their sales. We hope you will join them.
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What our members say:

We were actually members of Select & Save for a number of years before we decided to sell our shop so, when we decided to open up a new store, it seemed entirely logical to do it with the support of the Group again.

We had already enjoyed the advice and support in our old shop and we knew that the same level of expertise would help us to move our new venture forward. That said, even we have been surprised by how much the business has grown in a very short space of time. Within 2 weeks, sales had grown from £7k to £13k and we are seeing more and more brand new customers coming in to the shop every day.

Re-joining Select & Save is definitely the best business decision we have made.

Harj Uppal, Boldmere Road, Sutton Coldfield

I joined Select & Save just over a year ago and during that time sales in my store have nearly doubled.

I get great support in all areas across my business and the great looking fascia means that my customers all recognise my family run business. The promotions are second to none, and the range of own label products is first class and offers great cash profit.

We identified fresh as a key growth area and the Select & Save team has helped us to make the most of the opportunity. I would recommend Select & Save to any retailer who wants to grow their business.

Kam Sissodia, Loughborough Road, Thringstone

I have been with Select & Save for over 15 years and during that time the team has always been on hand to assist, share ideas and provide advice on how to grow footfall and sales.

Their support has been invaluable, none more so than when we recently transitioned to a new supply deal.

They have also helped us to steer our way through a recent refit, with new concepts giving the shop a fresh and modern feel. Alongside our new image, the refreshed range and layout has been noticed and loved by our customers, and the results have been outstanding.

Mr Zac Sandhu, Rawson Road, Liverpool

I have been with Select & Save for nearly 12 months. Since joining I have had great support from an experienced team that understands my business.

I have been made to feel welcome, supported and appreciated during a difficult trading period and have enjoyed increased sales and profitability.

Our customers love the increased grocery and fresh offers and are spending more. The promotions work really well with the added buy-in period and facility to extend the promotional activity.

I would recommend Select & Save to anyone who wants to grow their business.

James McCormick, Sandy Lane, Skelmersdale

I have been a Select & Save member for nearly 10 years now and, during that time, I have learnt so much from the team.

Their support and knowledge, including the advice that we get from our Business Development Manager, has been vital in helping us to grow over the years.

We have just had our 4th refit and I am really impressed with the updated fascia and look, which give the store a modern, convenient and fresh feel.

Harj Gill, Windmill, Rubery

Since joining Select & Save, we haven't looked back.

They understood straight away what we needed to do to locally to grow our sales and profits and the plan that they worked up with us started to pay dividends as soon as it was signed off.

Select & Save has helped me to transform my store, including a brand new fascia, and an improved layout and imagery. It feels like a brand new shop and my customers love it. And it is reassuring to know that the Select & Save team is always on hand to support me.

Ranjit Hayer, Bilston Street, Sedgley

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